Society of Tropical Science and Technology (STST) was founded to promote the practice, education, training and professional of science and technology in ASEAN, Asia, Africa, South America, and Oceanian countries. It is a society comprises 60 members spread across tropical regions with various aspect including civil, environment, pollution, engineering, business, humanities, and education.

The main objectives of the society include:

  • To promote research in science and technology in developing countries of tropical region

  • To integrate professional and public education in all area of science and technology.

  • To provide a forum for scientist can share their research findings as well as increase or spread knowledge and understanding of science and technology among various professionals including industrial professional, legislators, policy maker, and the general public.

  • To raise awareness and understanding of research options amongst professionals in the region

  • To facilitate the dissemination of accurate information about science and technology in tropical region.